Euro Line


Based on European features and quality guidelines, using the same ironwork for the last 25 years.
This system consists of double contact isolation weather strips, and fully adjustable multispot ironwork.
It achieves:
» Excellent thermo acoustic air tightness.
» Perfect operation through time, under unfavorable weather conditions.
» Perfect adaptation to any style: classic, white, rustic, etc.
» Allows for dry construction, totally finished, with manufacturer’s guarantee.

Nitrile rubber hitched up water strips. They achieve excellent isolation avoiding wind, water, and dust to enter.
Also it assures a silent, cushioned opening.
Given the heavy wooden enclosures are, high quality and precision ironwork are required. That is one of the European ironwork features that our company utilizes in order to give nothing but satisfaction to our customers.
Consists of big metallic anchors (shutter or frame) which can be adjusted according to the required pressure to achieve excellent air tightness.
The result is much safer since the opening is secured simultaneously in various spots.
Adjustable three dimensional hinge that allows the shutter to be moved horizontally, vertically and deeply.
The hinge’s interior self-lubricating materials assure a soft, silent movement.
Also, wears tops in various shapes and colors.
Cone shaped door lacht locks that guarantees the correct anchoring against the frame avoiding the door to tap.
Reinforced spring handle prevents it to fall down.
Allows to use DHG (Double Hermetic Glass)
This kind of glass improves considerably the house’s thermo acoustic isolation, achieving great energy savings towards climate control.
Also prevents humidity to thicken over the glass on low temperature days.